Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DIY Mini Saw Blade Ornament

diy mini saw blade ornaments

It's Christmas in July friends and I'm sharing all the tutorials for my mini tool tree project from last Christmas.  First up are these mini clay saw blade ornaments that look just like the real thing only smaller and cuter!

diy mini tool tree with ornaments

I actually dreamt up all this mini tool tree idea last summer and started making all the ornaments then so when December rolled around I was able to send a little tool tree to all of my buildy blogger friends.

The mini tool tree has all the basic tools: foam brush, screwdriver, extension cord, tape measure, spray paint, bucket, toolbox, paint brush, paint can, saw blade and paint roller.  I will be sharing the tutorials for each ornament in the next coming weeks so stay tuned.

Christmas in July graphic

It's officially Christmas in July and if you get started now on all your handmade gifts you will be in good shape once the holidays roll around.

clay mini saw blade ornaments

The detailed step by step process on how to make these mini saw blade ornaments is down below.

Once I had all the ornaments made I found these inexpensive orange compartment boxes at the dollar store.  They proved to be the perfect way to ship and wrap the tool tree ornaments and bonus storage box too!

mini tool ornaments in storage box

In case you missed it I shared a sneak peek of the mini tool tree on Instagram last December.
Be sure to follow me over there for project glimpses ahead of blog posts.

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Below are the step by step instructions.  Be sure to read through all steps first and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I will respond.

how to make clay saw blades

Step 1: Roll clay into smooth ball.
Step 2: Flatten clay ball using rolling pin to about 1/8" thick and 2" diameter circle.
Step 3: Place roll of scotch tape on top of circle and gently press.  Trim any excess clay from edges.
Step 4: Finished circle shape.

clay saw blade ornaments

Step 5: Make center hole using plastic drinking straw.
Step 6: To make saw blade edge cut small triangular shapes all around outer edge using exacto knife.

diy mini saw blade ornaments

Step 7: Use a wooden skewer to make hole for string.
Step 8: Bake clay as directed on packaging.  Let cool and add string hanger.

diy miniature tool tree packaged

I pacakged up all the ornaments in this dollar store compartmented box using some natural filler for cushioning.  Add some jute string to ensure the box stays shut during shipping and a gift tag.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make some mini saw blade ornaments for your tree.

diy mini tool tree saw blade ornaments

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  1. These are adorable. Thank you for sharing your instructions.

    1. Thank you - it makes all the effort worthwhile!

  2. Yay I've been waiting for this tutorial since you 'rolled' these out last year. Since I work for HD I'm thinking these would be the cutest department gifts!